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Rust Remover 2024

The Westlock Flying Club will be hosting a Rust Remover on Saturday, April 27 at the Westlock Airport, starting at 10:00 and running until approximately 14:00 or 15:00, with a break for lunch. This event has been approved by Transport Canada as a recurrent training program satisfying the recency requirements of the Canadian Aviation Regulations Standard 421.05(2)(c).

Presenters are still being finalized, but our current lineup is:

  • Gord Welsby (Aviation Human Factors Specialist, former Transport Canada Flight Examiner and Flight Instructor): VFR Flights, Procedures, Decision Making, and Human Factors
  • Dan Charrois (Private Pilot, Electrical Engineer): ADS-B requirements for flight in Canadian Airspace, with an update on implementation timelines and methods of compliance
  • Caroline McCullagh (Team Supervisor, Edmonton Flight Information Centre): Weather briefings and services provided by the Edmonton FIC
  • Edgar Simard (Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, Flight Operations, Prairie and Northern Region): Services offered by Transport Canada
  • Camille Williams (Ultralight Pilot, Environment Canada): Projects being worked on at Environment Canada with regards to aviation
  • Jennifer Wallace (Air Traffic Operations Specialist): Flight planning and other topics

The price is $25 for members of the Westlock Flying Club, and $30 for non-members, and will include lunch. Payment will be accepted at the door – please bring cash, as we will be unable to process credit or debit cards!

The last time we held the event, 135 pilots attended. Let’s see if we can break that record this year! Looking forward to seeing you all there! If you would like to attend, please contact so we can have a good idea of the crowd sizes to prepare for!