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2022 Rust Remover Details

The Westlock Flying Club will be holding an in-person Rust Remover at the airport on Saturday, April 30, 2022 from 10:00 to 15:00. The cost will be $25 for Westlock Flying Club Members, and $30 for Non-Members. A pizza lunch and beverages are included.

This will be a Transport Canada-approved recurrent training program as is required to be taken by pilots every 2 years to maintain their proficiency.

Gord Welsby (Aviation Human Factors Specialist, former Transport Canada Flight Examiner and Flight Instructor), Patrick Lalonde (Air Traffic Controller at Villeneuve Airport), Michael Jalosinski (Flight Service Specialist with NavCanada), as well as Dan Charrois, Evan Charrois, and Bill Mahon (local pilots) will be covering topics including:

  • Weather
  • Air Regulations
  • Aerodynamics/Lift formula
  • Stalls and Spins
  • Precautionary Landings
  • Forced Landings
  • Diversions
  • Lost Procedures
  • Instrument Flying
  • Pilot Judgment
  • Situational Awareness
  • Human Factors
  • Procedures and radio calls and phraseology at controlled airports, including how things work and look from the controller’s perspective
  • Discussion of ADS-B In and Out, and upcoming regulatory changes for flight in controlled airspace in Canada
  • Services available at an FSS, including flight planning, weather briefings, and more!

If you think you might like to attend, please contact Dan Charrois at Though fees will be collected at the door, we request pre-registration by email so we can plan appropriately for food. We look forward to seeing you there!